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StarCraft Inkjet Printable Heat Transfers for Dark Materials 25-Pack


SKU SC-DK25PK-8.5x11

Weight 0.25 lbs

Our inkjet printable transfers for Dark Materials make it easy to create your own printed image for application to colored garments ranging from darker pastels to black. A heat press is recommended for applying this product because of the temperature and pressure requirements. Peel from the backing paper or use heat transfer mask before pressing.


StarCraft Transfers for Dark Materials are easy to identify by the red logo printed on the back of each sheet as well as the red instructions.

Application and Care Instructions

Press at 350 Degrees for 30 Seconds under MEDIUM pressure

Peel when entirely COOL to the touch

To wash, turn garment inside out, wash in cold water. Do not bleach.

Tumble dry low heat (hang dry recommended).

If ironing, do NOT iron directly on the applied image.

Heat Transfer Mask is recommended. Larger, one-piece transfers can be applied without transfer mask.

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